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During the course of the project, energy data providers will be mobilised for the design and implementation of collaboration models. By working hand in hand with the public authorities, they will be able to provide energy data for the design, implementation and monitoring of regional and local SEAPS and benefit from win-win collaboration models with the public authorities. Although this target group encompasses a wide range of different stakeholders as they all have in common:  their access to energy data needed by public authorities for energy planning. So far this energy data was mainly used for their own needs. Moreover they are all facing new business conditions (e.g: energy deregulation, new opportunities for energy services, increasing common interest in climate protection). This new paradigm will set the stage for new conditions in the implementation of sustainable data exchange collaboration models. Energy data providers will benefit from new business opportunities and from a better and closer relationship with municipalities. Data4Action project partners have been chosen for their strong links with energy data providers. As a result, at least 14 energy data providers or their European associations such as ESCO.EU have expressed their strong interest in implementing data exchange collaboration schemes for Sustainable Energy Action Plans.


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