Collaborating in energy data exchange

I’m a Public Authority

Regional and Local public authorities having already demonstrated a strong political commitment towards low carbon and sustainable energy regions are the key target groups of this proposal. They will strongly collaborate with energy data providers and regional energy planning facilitators in order to create a shared vision and coherent conditions for energy data exchange. Indeed, establishing ambitious SEAP often requires coordinated efforts with energy data providers from whom they will be able to obtain the data needed to design, implement and monitor their SEAPs. Through public authorities and energy data providers working together to implement long term collaboration models, better results will be possible at local levels in the implementation and monitoring of SEAPS. Public authorities are represented in the Data 4 Action consortium either directly or through CoM coordinators or energy agencies working closely with them in sustainable energy planning.

Already 28 regional or local public authorities are committed to being involved in the activities of Data 4 Action and some others shown their interest to benefit from the project.


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Kenneth Backgård Interview,
Norrbotten Regional Council
Roberto Ronco Interview,
Assessore all’Ambiente
della Provincia di Torino
Cllr Denis Foley Interview,
Chairman of Carlow County Council
Ana Juaristi Interview,
Head of Service of
Environmental Health & Sustainability
of Donostia-San Sébastian
Ylva Sarden Interview,
Norrbotten County
Administration Board
Gheorghe Damian Interview,
Primarul comunei Ciugud jud. ALBA
Frédérick Mabille Interview, Dunkerque Grand Littoral
. .