Collaborating in energy data exchange

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Whether they are regional energy agencies, CoM regional coordinators, regional statistical energy offices, or consultants in sustainable energy planning, the Regional Energy Planning Facilitators will play a pivotal role in facilitating and organizing the cooperation process between previous targets.They will be able to provide the technical support needed by public authorities in data collection, processing and modelling for SEAPs as well as capabilities in partnership management.As a result of their close relationship with public authorities and energy stakeholders, as well as their technical expertise in energy planning, they will be able to implement data services and promote the setting up of supporting structures. They will benefit from additional technical expertise in data exchange and processing as planned in WP 4 and will be in a stronger position to support authorities in data exchange for sustainable energy planning. Other regional energy planning facilitators, outside the geographical area covered by the consortium, will benefit from the replication activities.


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Interview of Silvio DENIGRIS, Città Metropolitana di Torino
Interview of Maria FABIANELLI, IRE Liguria SpA
Matthieu Guedon, ALE Grand Lyon